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Doktor Hardstuff® - Your Online Store for Merchandise-, Leather-, Fetish- and Biker Stuff


We are one of the leading online store which brings together six different shops under one roof.

The Biker Store

...offers a lot for those who fancy belt buckles, purses and metal belts. In addition, you can order various key chains in stable and solid versions - online. Motorcycle masks from neoprene-like material that is not only suitable for motocross, but also for many other outdoor activities such as snowboard and skiing, skydiving, mountain climbing, mountain biking, karting and paint balling. Furthermore, you can buy studs in gold and silver color online. Be it pyramids studs, skull studs, conchos, spikes, cone studs and many other – At Doktor Hardstuff Metal Shop you will find just the right selection for your biker jacket or frock.

The Gothic Store

...pleases the black heart with its dark jewellery and provides accessories to match any outfit. With over 500 listed Gothic necklaces you will find the right one for every occasion. Furthermore our wide range consists of joint finger rings, finger rings and Gothic Earrings – all of this is available at Doktor Hardstuff Gothic Shop.

Our Heavy Metal Shop

...everything about Band Merchandise can be found here. Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, Kiss, AC/DC, Motörhead, Bullet for My Valentine, Ensiferum, Korpiklaani, Tankard, Metallica, Green Day and Guns N Roses are a selection of rock bands that are represented here. Are you looking for Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Alternative, Garage Punk, or Gothic Metal with Doktor Hardstuff you will find a huge selection of patches, super strips, back patch, posters, textile posters, metal key chains and rings, rock band cups, badges, band stickers and wristbands. There is a large selection of Band T-Shirts, Fan Shirts, Metal music T-shirts and Fun shirts available. Doktor Hardstuff Online Metal Shop - We Will Rock You!!

Our Leather & Fetish Store the right place If you fancy latex and leather. Whips, paddles, handcuffs, leather neck and bracelets - to name just a few – are just waiting to be discovered by you. Feel free to browse through online to see the full range. Whether you are a mistress, the master or the slave, with our soft and hard floggers, whips, paddles and leather straps the spanking will become definitely kinkier and will be more fun. Want to make it more mysterious? We also offer matching leather masks to give your BDSM adventures the finishing touch. But our leather shop has much more to offer. Leather boot straps with which you can spice up your boots and matching leather vests - all this and much more await you in this category.

The Punk & Rock Shop

...thrills with accessories such as various pins, vintage signs, hot over knees. Hoist flags, hand flags, car flags and table flags to match any theme party can be ordered online at Doktor Hardstuff. Braces, Suspenders, fingerless gloves, gloves, Arm tattoos, Beanies, Tulle skirts, Halloween and Carnival products such as masks, plastic dentures, hologram sunglasses and decorative items such as wall clocks and wall mirrors are just a few items from our product range. Wristbands and fabric belts matching every outfit complete this category.

Our Sexy Lingerie

...rounds off our shop selection. Pure seduction awaits you with our Corsets, Garters, and much more fine and sexy lingerie. Cat suits, baby dolls, negligees are some of the items that you can order online in our Doktor Hardstuff Sexy Lingerie Shop. Products from well-known brands such as Chili Rose, Dream Girl, Obsessive, Veneziana, LivCo Corsetti, Ledapol and Andalea can be ordered online at Doktor Hardstuff. Various lingerie accessories items such as garter belts, blindfolds and satin gloves are also available.